prices shown are general estimates, call for a quote


Jeff has been tinting windows professionally for 27 years

pair of roll up windows $89-$109

four door cars $279-$329

water leak repair is part art and part science. sometimes they are easy to diagnose, and other times... not so much.

That's why we decided to charge a flat rate diagnosis fee of $85.

It doesn't matter if it takes one hour or ten hours the cost to you will always be $85.

after we have diagnosed your leak we will assemble an estimate to repair your vehicle including labor and parts if needed.
Then we give you a call and let you make the final decision.

water leak diagnosis

we install everything we sell, and even some things we don't.

after more than a decade in business sometimes we think we've seen it all, but the truth is there is always something new in this industry.

When it comes to pricing on custom work or install it's best to

just call and ask 360-425-8328

install and custom work

wagon's and other $299-$369

Window tint

Window tint, water leak repair, glass, bed covers, running boards, and more

two door cars $249-$299